If you find elsewhere my quality of work at lower price, I will match the price.

Let’s say both your friend Jack and you would hire me this year.

Jack wants me to strictly follow input provided by him and you are hoping for more input from my side.

You prefer Trello for communication, Jack prefers Skype.

We are talking here about two totally different processes.

Traditional design process would be to offer one-size-fits-all process to both Jack and you and hope for best.

What I do, I allow clients to totally configure process themselves.

You want to have long scrolling page, weekly conference calls, colors and fonts taken from your branding guide, designer who follows your input, but also suggests his ideas, and to pay with Visa?

You would get a screens where you can choose what exactly you want and in that manner you model design process the way you want.

In example, look at onboarding screen


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